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03.01.11 We're Far from European Democracy, Lukashenko


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated on December 20 that the actions of police during the opposition rally in Minsk on December 19 were adequate. "We, unlike in France, neither poisoned them with tear gas, nor watered from hoses in these cold days. Therefore, we are still far from your democracy," the President said.

Commenting on the numerous detentions and beatings of protesters, held on December 19 at Independence Square in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko described the incident as "carnage, organized by the opposition, which had dragged juvenile and young unruly people into it." Belarusian President urged everyone to watch the video demonstration on the square, but "not just a picture of the candidate (Vladimir Niakliaeu - Telegraf) with a black eye."

In addition, Alexander Lukashenko recalled the recent statement of Andrey Dmitriev, the head of the electoral headquarters of Vladimir Niakliaeu, in which he "lifted absolutely all the accusations of the police of what had happened." "It's their antics and let them rule it out themselves. No need to make us involved," President of Belarus said in an interview with Euronews.
Alexander Lukashenko said that the actions of police at a rally on December 19 were caused by the need to ensure the safety of people. "You know, I'm not afraid of any of your European structures if it comes to that. I'm afraid of only one thing - I'm the current president of the Belarusian state and I have my own people. And I have to ensure peace and security of this nation," the President stressed.
Alexander Lukashenko also pointed out that the protesters in Minsk hadn't just broken the law. "They gathered in the square contrary to all, blocked traffic in Minsk, went to the Government House and broke its windows. And, of course, the police was forced to take adequate measures - they detained those who were there, including the organizers," President of Belarus said.

I'm Not Bloodthirsty, Lukashenko

Alexander Lukashenko said that the organizers and participants of the riots on December 19 would be charged with their actions. "I do not need it, I'm not bloodthirsty. They will answer for the consequences, they will be judged by the people of Belarus, according to our laws," the president said.
Alexander Lukashenko also stated that the evaluation of the Belarusian presidential elections by the mission of international observers was a "huge step forward, compared with what it used to be in 2006." According to the president, Belarus can develop relations with Europe on this basis. At the same time, Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the elections hadn't been conducted for observes.

"We've held elections for ourselves, not for the OSCE mission. We have invited all comers. If they saw and estimated anything, it means, that they had already had what to see and estimate. So I am not much concerned about this direction, I am confident that we have many problems to solve in the near future with France and the European Union. All this will pass, it's all superficial. I only ask you for objectivity," the president said.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he would no longer accept any ultimatums from the West, and the requirements to release former presidential candidate "would only make the things worse." "We no longer accept any ultimatums. It'll only get worse if anyone puts pressure on us and starts demanding," the Belarusian leader said.

According to the head of state, the fate of the detained ex-candidates will be decided by court, AFN informs.

"As for the detainees, they can be released under investigation and criminal proceedings - we  do not need them there," Alexander Lukashenko said.

Also, the Belarusian leader believes that the negative evaluation of the results of the presidential elections in Belarus have been prepared in advance and commented on the actions of the West in a negative way.

No one Needs Strong Belarus, Lukashenko

"The main lesson - they (the West) absolutely don't need us there, the president believes. - They want us to look weak, but the weak will never be successful. Only the strong are respected, we will never be weak. Therefore, we may have problems with them (the West) on the subject. "

According to the President, neither Russia nor the West needs a successful state, positioning itself as independent and sovereign. "Nobody needs it - neither Russia, nor Poland, nor Germany, Alexander Lukashenko said. - But we need it. That is the reason for these basic contradictions ... Well, an excuse and even a cause could be found to make our country bow."

The president said: "We must rely only on ourselves. We'll never be favorites for them (the West). We must understand that we are the masters on our land and see our future."


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