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Call us and we shall reserve for you a table in restaurant.

Belarusian and slavonic cuisine

  • Pan Khmeliu
    Wide choice of Slavonic dishes by ancient recipes and European cuisine. Live music at night; Friday-Saturday - show-program. Open: noon-midnight.
    11, Internationalnaya Str.
  • Pechki-Lavochki
    Home cuisine, Slavonic dishes. Various dishes-grille on real coal and the salad-bar "Samobranka". Phonic music. Noon-midnight.
    22, Skorina Ave.
  • Razgulyai
    Russian cuisine in its best traditions - caviar, pancakes, rastegays. The dishes are cooked at visitors' eyes. Phonic music. Noon-midnight.
    7, Bogdanovich Str. (close to Troitskoye suburb).
  • Talaka
    Slavic dishes, shashlyk cooked on charcoal, draniki, fritters, dishes cooked in iron-pots.
    18, Rakovskaya Str.
  • Traktyr at Marx
    The only restaurant with bookmaker's services in Minsk. Prizes are paid at the spot! Belarusian cuisine. Two halls (for 20 and 30 persons). Satellite TV. Car parking. 10 a.m.-11 p.m. (no intervals and days-off).
    21, K.Marx Str.
  • Traktyr in Parkovaya
    Original Slavonic cuisine. Great variety of dishes cooked on open fire. Comfortable atmosphere of a country-style tavern. Phonic music. Noon-midnight.
    11, Vanquisher's  Ave.

European cuisine

  • Bergamo
    Exquisite style, variable Italian menu. Phonic music. Noon - midnight.
    37, Kulman Str.
  • Gallery
    Variable international cuisine, original Latin American dishes. A pianist plays on Monday and Tuesday nights, on the other days - live music. A night show-program (starts at 10 p.m.) on Fridays and Saturdays. Noon - midnight.
    3, Kozlov Str.
  • Gostiny Dvor
    In the very center of Minsk near the Red Catholic Church. It was designed in the knightly baroque style. Exquisite menu, solemn atmosphere. "Live" music at nights: guitar, saxophone and romances. Noon - midnight.
    17, Sovietskaya Str.
  • Kosatka
    A club and restaurant with a variety of dainty of fish and sea-food. Live music and topless-show every night. Noon - 6 a.m.
    1, Rokossovsky Ave.
  • Korchma Starovilenskaya
    In the Troitskoye suburb, in a picturesque place at the bank of the river Svisloch. In summer they have open terrace and you can rest in a comfortable coffee-hall on the ground floor. The restaurant offers most variable cuisine: Belarusian, Italian, Eastern. Thursday through Sunday - live music, other days - phonic music. 11 a.m. - midnight.
    2, Starovilenskaya Str.
  • Krynitsa
    One of the most prestigious restaurants in the capital. "Nostalgia"- styled interior and exquisite cuisine - European and Belarusian. "Live" music at nights: classical, jazz, blues. Noon - 11 p.m.
    2, Lenin Str.
  • Panorama
    Would you like to have a bird's eyes view of Minsk? It's the restaurant on the 22nd floor of the hotel "Belarus. Variable cuisine, live music and discotheque - daily, a show-program and disco till morning on Fridays and Saturdays. 7 a.m. - 4 a.m.
    15, Storozhevskaya Str. (hotel "Belarus").
  • Patio-Pizza
    Real fire, real pizza! In an Italian yard, in the heat of a wood-heated oven - in "Patio-pizza" - more than 20 types of pizza, from the mother of all pizzas "Margaret" to the special and most popular "Patio pizza". Variety of snacks, sauces and salads in the only salad-bar in Minsk. Acceptable prices and European service. Phonic music. Noon - midnight.
    22, Skorina Ave.
  • Spanish Restaurant & Bar El Ricon Espanol
    The Spanish bar & restaurant will be happy to see you every day without days-off from noon till 2 a.m. The only real Spanish and Mexican dishes in Minsk! Buffet for the whole family on weekends!
    22, Skorina Ave.
  • Steakhaus  
    This restaurant serves steak in a dozen different ways. Booth seating ensures privacy and well-trained waiters ensure low blood pressure for you even if the red meat doesn't. Open  12:00 -23:30.
    13, Vanquisher's  Ave. Near the Yubileynaya Hotel.
  • Bierhaus                               
    Bar food and lots of draught beer. House specialties include fried trout and some pleasing mussels with garlic sauce. Menu in Russian, English and German. Open 12:00 - 24:00.
    13, Vanquisher's  Ave.
  • Westfalia                         
    The menu at the IBB Hotel's restaurant changes weekly with specialty weeks in German and English. An excellent place to relax in a modern atmosphere. Open 12:00 - 24:00.
    11, Gazeta Pravda Str.
  • Warsteiner                         
    Variety of meat dishes including shashlyk and beer. Open 16:00 - 02:00.
    12, Nemiga Str.
  • Minsky Brovar         
    Embedded in the left cheek of Minsk Brewery 1 which dates back to the XIX century, this restaurant/bar is all comfort and no decor. Fresh beer on tap (pumped straight from the brewery). Tasty, simple local dishes - don't miss Brewer's Cap, meat roasted in pot capped with dough. Only eight tables - book in advance. Open 12:00 - 17:00, 18:00-23:00.
    30, Kiselyov Str.
  • Rakovsky Brovar   
    This behemoth beer bar/restaurant brews all its own "vivid beer." We had draniki, but you can have a serious meal or just a beer snack from their kitchen.  A good place to come if Minsk has beaten you up and left you limp - the wait staff is young and helpful and the space bright and airy. Open 12:00 - 24:00. 
    10, Vitebskyaya Str. 

Chinese cuisine

  • Golden Lotus
    Here they cook the famous "Beijing duck" on advance order. Chefs from China with secrets of the real Chinese cuisine. Restaurant offers different dishes, rich choice of wine and cocktails. Splendid Eastern interior. Background music. Two banquet rooms. Stylish bar. Noon - midnight.
    38, Kolas Str.
  • Dragon Gate
    Appreciate the secrets of genuine Chinese cuisine polished over several millennia. Cozy air-conditioned room, special room for business meetings, and parking are at your disposal. Rich choice of drinks and cocktails. Open 13-00 a.m. until the last guest leaves.
    35, Kuybysheva Str.

Exotic cuisine

  • Amazonka
    Welcome to the world of spicy and flare-pungent Brazilian cuisine! Noon - 2 a.m.
    10, Marx Str.
  • Canion
    Mexican and European cuisine, courteous service. Live Latin music on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays. Striptease on Fridays. Two halls for 30 and 70 persons, a banquet hall for 12 persons. Parking. Bienvenidos al restaurante mexicano! Noon - 2 a.m.
    3, Tolbukhin Str.
  • Karavan-Sarai
    Chefs from Baku, Eastern cuisine and, certainly, the belly dance. Noon - midnight.
    12b, Platonov Str.
  • Tadj  
    An Indian comer in the Belarusian capital: original interior, vegetarian cuisine, a great choice of meat
    and fish dishes. Amazing Indian dances. Noon - midnight.
    2, Brilevskaya Str.
  • Uzbekiston  
    Magnificent shurpa (spicy thick soup) and the real Eastern plov, as well as shashlyk, dolma and other
    spicy things. Noon - midnight.
    17, Kupala Str.
  • Shynok u Liavona
    Caucasian cuisine in exquisite performance. A great variety of spicy appetizers and shashlyks of various types. Noon - 2 a.m.
    17, Khoruzhaya Str.
  • Zio Pepe
    Pizzeria. Variable Italian and Belarusian cuisine. Noon - midnight. 17a, Rabkorovski Lane. 
    The sanatorium complex "Yunost" (Ratomka village).