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Custom regulations

The rules of transferring property across the state frontier of Belarus coincide mostly with the international regulations. Personal belongings (things and goods not liable to commercial activities) valued below 1000 USD, are not taxed. It is strictly forbidden to transfer across the Belarusian border the following items: firearms and ammunition, military equipment and outfit, narcotic, psychotropic, poisonous, radioactive and explosive matters; printed and audio-visual matters that may cause detriment to the interests of the Republic of Belarus. A permit from the phyto-sanitary and veterinary control department is required for transferring animals and plants across the border. The following items can be transferred with certain limitations: alcohol beverage - max. 3 liters, cigarettes - max. 200 pieces, video-recording and video-playing apparatus - 1 item of each per person.

Importation of foreign currency to Belarus is not limited, however, in case you import an amount exceeding 3000 USD but not exceeding 10000 USD (7000 ), you have to fill in a declaration form (the forms in English are available). At your departure this declaration will be the document for unimpeded exportation of the remaining amount (currency exportation from Belarus is limited to 3000 USD per person). In case you import an amount exceeding 10000 USD you have to present the bank certificate of origin of money. It is prohibited to export scrap-iron and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the country, including semi-finished products and intermediate products, as well as cultural values. In case you have purchased a piece of arts in Belarus, it might be necessary to get a permit for its exportation.

Transport means that are imported for the period of less than 3 months are free from customs charges, though they should be indicated in the declaration.