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What can you visit in Belarus?

What can you visit in Belarus

1. The Residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus.
2. The Mound of Glory.
3. The Victory obelisk.
4. Valenty Vankovich house-museum (XVIII - XIX centuries).
5. Simeon and Alena Catholic Church in Minsk.
6. The Church of Transfiguration in Rakov.
7. Tyshkevich palace in Volozhyn.
8. Yanka Kupala house-museum in Vyazynka.
9. Ruins of the Krevo castle.
10. The manor of Michael Cleofas Ogynsky in Zalessye.
11. The Church of Intercession in Molodechno.
12. The Catholic Church of St. Stanislav in Miadel.
13. Catholic Church in Radoshkovichy.
14. Ruins of the Sapega castle in Golshany.
15. Ruins of the castle in Novogroudok.
16. Catholic Church in Novogroudok.
17. Castle in Lida.
18. Fortress-house in Gaitiounishky (1613).
19. Fortress-church of XVI century in  Malomozheykovo.
20. The Church of SS Boris and Gleb in Grodno.
21. Catholic Church in Grodno.
22. The Grodno regional drama theater.
23. Catholic Church of XVI century in Gnezno.
24. Mansion house of the early XIX century in Volkovysk
25. The Kraski mansion house.
26. Fortress-church of XVI century in Synkovichy.
27. Monastery of XVIII century in Zhyrovichy.
28. The Intercession Cathedral in Baranovichy.
29. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Prouzhany.
30. The White Tower in Kamenetz
31. Chapel-shrine in Vysokoye.
32. The Brest fortress.
33. The Trinity Church in Yelsk.
34. Mansion house in Kobrin.
35. The Alexander Nevsky Church in Kobrin.
36. Fortress-house in Kossovo.
37. The Trinity Catholic Church in Ishkold.
38. St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Slonim.
39. The Blessed Virgin's Assumption Catholic Church in Dyatlovo.
40. The Mir castle (XVI century).
41. Slutsk Gate in Nesvizh.
42. Palace and park complex in Nesvizh.
43. The Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Pinsk.
44. Mansion house in Pyarkovichy.
45. Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Cross in Louninets.
46. St. George's Church in David-Gorodok.
47. Kirill Tourovsky monument in Tourov.
48. Church in Tourov.
49. St. Michael's Church in Slutsk.
50. The nobility assembly building in Slutsk.
51. The Church of Kozma and Demyan in Gorodok.
52. St. Nicholas' Church in Petrikov.
53. The Church of the Ascension in Kashevitsy.
54. Catholic Church of St. Bernhard and Cirtercium Followers in Mozyr.
55. The Trinity Church in Yelsk.
56. Arbor of a mansion house in Narovlia.
57. The Intercession Church in Korma.
58. Old-Ritualists' houses in Vetka.
59. Palace and park complex in Gomel.
60. Chapel of St. Euphrosine of Polotsk in Rechitsa.
61. Dwelling houses of the XIX century in Bobruysk.
62. The Intercession Church in Streshin.
63. Town Hall in Chechersk.
64. The Church of Virgin Mary in Slavgorod.
65. Post station in Slavgorod.
66. Church in Klimovichy.
67. Potemkin's palace in Krichev.
68. Church in Lesnaya.
69. Palace and park complex in Zhilichi.
70. A luxurious dwelling house of the XVIII century in Moguilev.
71. St. Nicholas' Church in Mogilev.
72. Catholic Church in the village of Knyazhichy.
73. Carmelites' Church in Mstislavl.
74. Alexander Nevsky Church in Mstislavl.
75. Town Hall in Shklov.
76. The Church of St. Elijah in Orsha.
77. Water-mill in Orsha.
78. Ruins of the castle in Smolyany.
79. Chapel in Bogoushevichy.
80. Town Hall in Vitebsk.
81. Governor's palace in Vitebsk.
82. Residential houses in Gorodok.
83. Church in Beshenkovichy.
84. Beshenkovichy palace.
85. Town estate in Kroupky.
86. Mansion house in Arachovnyany.
87. Catholic Church in Gloubokoye.
88. Catholic Church in Miory.
89. St. Sofia's Cathedral in Polotsk.
90. The Church of Savior and Euphrosine in Polotsk.
91. Catholic Church in Sarya.
92. Catholic Church in Braslav.
93. St. Nicholas' Church in Braslav.
94. Catholic Church in Khomai.
95. The Calvinist Cathedralin Smorgon.
96. Catholic Church in Boudslav.
97. Church in Logoisk.
98. Khatyn memorial complex.
99. Catholic Church in Raubichy.
100. Raubichy sports complex.
101. Catholic Church in Borisov.
102. The Resurrection Cathedral in Borisov.
103. The Church of the Savior and Transfiguration in Zaslavl.
104. Mansion house in Smilovichy.
105. Palace and park complex in Rovanichy.