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Brief chronicle of Minsk

1067 Minsk is mentioned for the first time in chronicles under the name of Mensk, Menesk
1499 Minsk is granted the Magdeburg right
1565 Minsk becomes a provincial centre in Rzeczpospolita
1590-1592 The first Orthodox brotherhoods, including brotherhood schools (in Minsk and in other towns of Belarus)
1667 The creation of the first international postal service along the route:
1793 Minsk becomes the centre of a province in the Russian Empire
1795-1796 The Governor is appointed to Minsk


The Decree on Declaring the Statute of the Great Princedom of Lithuania, in force since 1588, null and void
November 28,1871 The Belarusian railway starts operating
June 17,1890 The city theatre is opened
1892 Horse-driven street railway is created in Minsk
1895 The electric power plant starts functioning
March 1-3(13-15),    1898 The First Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Party held in Minsk declares the party's formation
1900 The Pushkin public library is opened
March 4 (17),1917 The Minsk Soviet of workers' and soldiers' deputies is formed
March 4 (17),1917 The People's Militia is formed in Minsk
March 25-27 (April 7-9) 1917 The Belarusian National Congress creates The Belarusian National Committee and vests it with executive power
January 1, 1919 The Declaration on Formation of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic with the capital in Minsk
July 11,1921 The Belarusian State University is inaugurated (actually starting its work on 30.10.1921)
April 19,1927 The State Symphony Orchestra is founded in Minsk
January 1, 1929 The BSSR Academy of Sciences is inaugurated in Minsk
October 13,1929 Tram service starts in Minsk
May 25, 1933 The State Opera and Ballet Theatre is opened in Minsk
June 28, 1941 German Fascist troops enter Minsk
June 1941-July 1944 The activities of the Minsk party underground
July 3,1944 The Third and the First Belarusian Fronts liberate the capital of BSSR
September 1952
The first trolleybus line started functioning
January 1, 1956 The first telecast of the Minsk TV-centre
June 26,1974 The title of «Hero-city» is conferred on Minsk
June 30,1984 The opening of the first line of the Minsk underground railway (the construction of the second line has begun)
March 28,1989 «Minsk-2» international airport open for passengers
July 27,1990 The Declaration on State Sovereignty of Belarus (Independence Day)
December 8,1991 The leaders of the independent states of Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine sign the Agreement on Creating the Commonwealth of Independent States, with the centre
in Minsk.