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Regional transportation

The country is linked by a system of train lines, bus routes, and roads. The road system throughout Belarus is mapped in a way that can be followed easily into all but the most rural areas.

The railway system is well developed and remains one of the cheapest and most efficient means of transportation between Belarusian cities and beyond. Minsk lies on a direct route between Warsaw and Moscow. Daily trains serve several major Eastern and Western cities, including Berlin, Paris, Kiev, Moscow, Prague, Riga, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, and Warsaw.

For some routes, buses may be the better option because of convenient departure times and frequency.

Belarus has a relatively good road system and it is possible to travel to any corner of the country within 3–4 hours. Vilnius, Lithuania is a 2 ½-hour drive; Warsaw and Kiev about 8 hours away by car, and Moscow a full day’s drive.

Minsk has two airports. Minsk I is within the city limits and primarily serves smaller domestic flights. Minsk II is an easy 40-minute drive outside the city and serves international flights. The airlines that service Minsk are: Lufthansa, Austrian Air, LOT, Estonian Air, El Al, and Belavia. The major connecting cities into and out of Minsk are Frankfurt, Vienna, Warsaw, and Moscow.

Highway map

Highway map