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Gomel is the second largest city in Belarus. The most interesting sight of the city is a unique monument of the 18-19th cents. - the palace and park ensemble including the palace of aristocrats and magnates Rumyantsevs- Packiewiczes, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, a chapel of the Princes Packiewiczes and an ancient park. The central streets of Gomel also have several buildings of the 19-20 cents., which makes the city scenery originally picturesque.

The natural advantage of the Gomel region is, certainly, Polesie - a unique land of marshes, peat-bogs and marshy lakes situated in the Polesskaya lowland. In the Soviet period the fragile balance of nature in these lands was disturbed - lots of marshes were dried up with the aim of increasing cultivated areas of the country. Fortunately, much have been preserved and today in the Pripyatsky National Park people can admire surprising landscape of Polesie, unique for the world, watch rare types of plants and animals. The Gomel region suffered severely of consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April, 1986. Some time later the Polessky Radiation-And-Ecology Reserve has been set up here to save natural complexes affected by radiation, their study and forecasting further development. No doubt these researches are of great importance for the whole mankind.