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Polotsk town

14 hours

Polotsk town. (228 km from Minsk) is the centre of the Polotsk district, situated on the Dvina river, 100 km to the North-West of Vitebsk. Polotsk is the most ancient city on Belarusian territory, was first mentioned in the chronicles of 862. In our century Polotsk became a district centre within the Vitebsk region. Its old town has been declared a monument of national heritage. The most famous architectural monument is the Polotsk Sofia Cathedral - a unique masterpiece of the early Slavonic architecture built in the X century after Christianity has come to Belarusian land. Another example of the original Polotsk School of architecture is the Spaso-Euphrasinia church of the XII century. In 1992 restoration works were completed in the Spaso-Ephrasinia nunnery, which was set up in the XII century by the reverend Ephrasinia ranked as a Saint. You will get information about other interesting places: a museum of Belarusian book printing, the Polotsk Picture Gallery and the Holy Saviour Church.

Polotsk town Polotsk town

Polotsk town Polotsk town Polotsk town