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The Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minsk Automobile Plant" is one of the largest state-run enterprises in Belarus producing heavy-duty trucks, buses, trolleybuses and trailer equipment.

For 60 years the trade mark "MAZ" is widely known on the territory of CIS and abroad. MAZ trucks have well recommended themselves in operation in the Far North   regions, deserts of Kara Kum and Sahara, in tropics of Africa, Southeast Asia and America, Middle East and mountains of Latin America. The motor vehicles were delivered in more than 70 countries of the world.

The range of produced motor vehicles includes truck-tractors, utility trucks, medium tonnage low-bed trucks, dump trucks, timber trucks, log trailers, vehicles with a higher cross-country capacity and chassis for mounting of every possible special equipment and settings. In total MAZ produces more than 250 motor vehicle models, over 60 trailer modifications, more than 50 variants of buses, among which the special buses intended for operation under specific conditions: in northern areas - with a special system of heating and a heat insulation of interior, with double floor, reduced glass space, and in southern areas - with strengthened system of fanning and increased shifting of quarter window and so forth. In 2001 MAZ mastered manufacture of trolleybuses.

The plant in mass production has developed 6 generations of heavy duty trucks. At present the heavy duty MAZ trucks meet the requirements of Euro - 2 and Euro - 3.

Minsk automobile plant annually delivers to consumers more than 16 000 motor vehicles, 4 000 trailers and semitrailers and up to 600 buses. 




The Production Association of Minsk Tractor Works (P/A MTW) was founded on May 29, 1946. Gradually it became one of the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Nearly 20,000 employees work at the enterprise.

At present, there are about 100 producers of tractors in the world. However, only 8 of them hold 96% of the world tractor market and Minsk Tractor Works is among the eight.

P/A MTW develops, manufactures and exports wheeled tractors and spare parts, organizes licensed production of them, provides assistance in servicing.

Now Minsk Tractor Works has penetrated into markets of more than 60 countries in various parts of the world.

For a number of years, Minsk Tractor Works has been holding 8-10-% share of the world market of wheeled tractors.

In late 1990's, MTW managed to keep its positions among leading exporters on CIS and world markets.



The enterprise "Minsk Kristal"

The history of the recognized leader of alcoholic beverage industry in the Republic of Belarus, the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Minsk Kristall”, started in 1893, when 110 years ago the manufacturer brothers Rakovschiki founded a yeast distillery on Nizhne-Lyahovskaya (Oktyabrskaya at present) street, where the first buildings of “Kristall” first-borns can be seen even nowadays and where the modern building of the enterprise started. The history of the plant began with a steam machine of 5 horse-powers and two dozens of workers producing dry yeast and alcohol for 89 plant workers of Severo-Zapadny Kray (Western territory) day and night. Notwithstanding the unfavorable conditions in the industry due to Russian-Japanese War, etc., the enterprise of the Rakovschikov-brothers was successfully competing with other plants and steadily increasing its capacities due to advancement of technical equipment. After its reconstruction in 1910 the plant, having fifty workers and producing beverages for 719 thousand rubles, became the most expensive plant in Minsk in relation to technical equipment and the biggest representative of the industry in Belarus.

In 1950s special attention was paid to mechanization and automation of labour processes. Then automation bottling lines, new forcing and refining tanks, bottle washing machines were installed. The range of products was getting wider. Production of rectification was developed, including rectification of the highest refinement, new brands of vodka “Moskovskaya Osobaya” (Moscow Special), “Stolichnaya” (Capital), alcoholic beverages “Zolotaya Osen” (Golden Autumn), “Spotykach”, “Zapekanka”, etc. were started.

By the end of the 60s the production of Byelorussian cognac on the basis of Bulgarian, Cyprian and French cognac alcohol made up more than 60 thousand decalitres per year. In 1964 Minsk yeast and wine complex became the head enterprise of the amalgamation “Kristall” which united Vitebsk, Brest, Gomel and Klimovichi alcoholic beverage plants.

It was during the 60-s when shop counters started offering pretty bottles, glass, ceramics and porcelain shtofs, at that time mass production of souvenir items of “Kristall” started and assortment of high-quality beverages widened.

In the beginning of 1970 “Kristall” became an alcohol and vodka complex, in 1976 on its basis Minsk industrial amalgamation of alcohol and vodka industry was established, it included 9 alcohol plants.

During 1970s the reconstruction of the filtration section of vodka beverages and liqueur section was completed, a rectification department with a 4-column rectification apparatus with capacity of 3000 decalitres per day came into operation. The vodka section started utilizing vibratory bowl feeder, conveyor belts were changed for groove belts, 2 coal columns and rotameters were installed. The new vodkas “Starorusskaya” (Old Russian), “Russkaya” (Russian), “Posolskaya” (Embassy), production of alcohol “Extra” started.

In July 1986 Minsk industrial amalgamation of alcohol and vodka industry was renamed into Minsk regional industrial amalgamation of starch industry with four alcohol, three starch plants and head enterprise Minsk Wine and Vodka Plant “Kristall”.

Towards its century anniversary “Kristall” elaborated a unique vodka “Belaya Rus”, new bitter nastoykas “Loshitskaya”, “Kalyadnaya”, “Zastolnaya” and a peculiar vodka beverage – vodka “Kristall-100” produced with use of a unique silicic technology.

Towards its 110 anniversary the plant performed big reconstruction of wine storehouse which allowed for increase in volume of wine production up to 750 thousand decalitres per year, reconstruction of vodka section, alcohol receiving section. The rectification section acquired a new drain section, alcohol measuring apparatus and a new fire alarm system.

Annually the plant produces more than 4 million decalitres of alcoholic beverages of more than 40 brands and 1.8 million decalitres of ethyl rectified alcohol including alcohols of highest quality in Belarus such as “Lux” and “Super-Lux”.

A 293-metre deep artesian well with 240-metre intake of water was holed; a line for bottling of drinking water into 5-litre polyethylene bottles for sale in the trading network was established.

Recently there have appeared many new alcoholic beverages: “Belaya Rus Lux”, “Super Lux” “Novy Vek” (New Century), “Minsk Kristall”, “Planeta” (Planet), “Kristall Present”, “Traditsiya” (Tradition), “Admiral”, sweet nastoykas “Klyukva na Konyake” (Cranberry Cognac), “Zhuravushka”, “Vishnevka” (Cherry), liqueur “Aksamit”, bitter nastoyka “Nestserka”, cognacs “Gloria”, “Gloria Lux”, “Korsar” (Corsair), “Korsar-Lux Novy”, “Kristall Klassicheskiy” (Kristall Classic), fruit wine “Zeleny Gay” (Green Forest), grape wine “Kaberne Sauvignon” dry, semidry, semisweet and grape wine “Pinot-Noir” semidry, semisweet. In 2003 there appeared vodkas “Kristall Etalon”, “Vyaskovaya” (Rural), “Officer”, “Kryshtal Lemon”, grape semisweet wine “Pinot-Noir”, “Izabella”. A souvenir series “Stary Gorod” (Old City) – porcelain decanters filled with vodka “Belaya Rus Lux” – was launched, small souvenir bottles of 100 milliliters were developed.

The products are dispatched to America, Peru, Germany, South Korea, Jordan. At exhibitions of different levels the plant has received 6 Grand Prix, 82 gold medals, 62 silver medals, 27 bronze medals.